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Difference between Void Voidable and Valid Contract

Published on 30 kwietnia, 2023

When you`re navigating the world of contracts, there are a lot of terms to keep straight. Three of the most important are void, voidable, and valid. Understanding the differences between these terms can help you make informed decisions about which contracts to enter into and which to avoid.

Void Contracts:

A void contract is one that is legally unenforceable from the beginning. This means that the contract is completely invalid, and if either party tried to enforce its terms, they would be unable to do so in a court of law. There are several reasons why a contract might be void, including:

– It violates the law

– It is signed by someone who is not legally able to enter into a contract (such as a minor)

– It is based on fraudulent or illegal terms

– It is impossible to perform.

Voidable Contracts:

A voidable contract is one that is initially valid but can be declared void by one of the parties involved. This means that if one of the parties wants to get out of the contract, they have the ability to do so. Voidable contracts are typically declared void for one of the following reasons:

– One of the parties was under duress or coercion when they signed the contract

– One of the parties was not of sound mind when they signed the contract

– One of the parties was deceived or misled when they signed the contract.

Valid Contracts:

A valid contract is one that is legally binding and enforceable. When two parties enter into a valid contract, they are both obligated to fulfill the terms of the agreement. A valid contract must include several key elements, including:

– An offer from one party to the other

– Acceptance of that offer

– Consideration (something of value exchanged between the parties)

– The intention of both parties to enter into a legal agreement

– The ability of both parties to fulfill the terms of the contract.

In conclusion, knowing the differences between void, voidable, and valid contracts is essential when entering into any contractual agreement. If you`re ever unsure about the validity of a contract, it`s always a good idea to consult with a lawyer or legal professional to ensure that your rights are protected.

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